empty 1

Lord, what can I do
I see a sea of tears
Of children without names
Not known by anyone

empty 2

Speak a word of comfort
The world is getting colder
Be a strong shoulder
And a safe refuge

Lord, where should I go
I see the people wander
And who have fallen down
Are afraid to get up again

Light the lamps
And open the doors
For those who have no hope
After the cock crowed

Lord, what can I be
I hear the people sigh
No place to run to
No bread in the desert

Be a living bread
A blessing for many
And I will divide you 

For those who are in need
As I also have lived
For those who are in need

PanBi Foundation, for those who are in need

The purpose of PanBi Foundation is to provide financial, material and personal assistance to underprivileged children and to people living in the minority communities in South-East Asia. 

Local people and local resources are deployed to achieve goals. Personal contacts have always formed the basis of the work. PanBi Foundation wants to keep working on a small-scale. This allows donations to be fully spent at the place of destination.

PanBi Foundation

For those who are in need

Berenkreek 21, 3206 GA Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL59 INGB 0006 3652 62