Who, what, where

PanBi Foundation, for those who are in need‘ was founded in January 1999 and is based in The Netherlands. The Board consists of five people. They support the work of Robbie and Priscilla and their staff in the area of policy making, administration, finance, fundraising, PR and communication and practical help.

Robbie and Priscilla act as project leaders in China on behalf of PanBi Foundation. They lead a team of local co-workers who together help underprivileged children and others who are in need.

The activities of PanBi Foundation mainly take place in Southwest China. This is where various mountain peoples from ethnic minorities live, often in very primitive conditions. PanBi Foundation helps where needed with housing, medical care, improving living conditions and educating the children.

Meanwhile, the focus of the work has moved from a State orphanage in a provincial capital to the birth place of Priscilla, who belongs to the Yi minority herself. Robbie and Priscilla live here with their son Yisa in the county town of Rehoboth. The focus of their work is on the wide area around their residence.

PanBi Foundation

For those who are in need


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