Who is PanBi?

As a little boy PanBi was abandoned in the streets of a large city in Southwest China in the 90s. Seriously undernourished and very ill he was taken into the state orphanage. Robbie and his team concerned themselves about the little boy’s fate. They loved him, took care of him and made sure that he got the necessary medical care. His situation was so severe that they were afraid to lose him. Amazingly, PanBi recovered slowly but surely and he grew up to be a blushing toddler. Bystanders were greatly impressed by the way this child came to bloom and how his situation improved. In the end, loving adoptive parents were found to look after him and in America PanBi received a new future and a new name.

In those years abandoned children were often given a name that somehow referred to the place where the child was found. PanBi was found in the district of Pan, a neighborhood in a big city with a busy station where often children were abandoned. Bi means ‘ precious gem ‘. At the time, the events surrounding PanBi have unintentionally acted as a model for what PanBi Foundation wants to achieve: turning difficult circumstances into something precious and valuable. In other words: PanBi Foundation wants to reach out to underprivileged children and people in need in order to offer them a future full of hope.

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PanBi Foundation

For those who are in need


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