Saving Projects

Car for China

By the nature of their work Robbie, Priscilla and their staff depend on a good-quality car. The car is used as a means to achieve the goals of the foundation: visiting the various projects and transporting patients and children. A special shuttle service has been set up to return children to their homes in the remote mountain villages at the end of the school week. Relating to the bad roads in the mountain area, it is of the utmost importance that their car is safe and well maintained. Car-for-China is an ongoing savings project for the maintenance and depreciation of the car.

Hope For Children

All the donations that we receive for the Hope-For-Children project are fully spent on the welfare of the children that we work with. To give you an idea of ​​what we are able to do with your donations in the Hope-For-Children project, you will find some specific examples below:


First, the salaries for Chinese staff are funded from the Hope-For-Children project. They work with the children every day and have direct and personal contact with them.

Educational toys

We love to buy educational and durable toys for the children. These toys are strong, the children can learn something from them and they have a lot of fun with them.

School bags

We regularly buy good school bags for the children. Parents often buy a cheap school bag for their child. We offer parents a good quality school bag and ask a contribution from them that is equal to the price of a cheap one.

Photo Album

From time to time we take a photo of each child that participates in one of the programs of PanBi Foundation. Those photos are saved and after a while the parents are handed a folder with photos of their child. This is greatly appreciated. Most parents do not have a single picture of their child! For the children it is a proof that they really exist! This is of great value when we realize that many of these children have never been officially registered at birth, and consequently do not exist for the government. For later this hopefully means that through the photos the child will think back to the staff of PanBi Foundation and everything that it has heard and learned from them.

PanBi Etenkopie

During the weekends the children often come to visit our project coordinators and they have a meal together. Children who are not there during the meal will be treated to fruit, ice cream or cake at a later time in the day. These expenses are also paid from the Hope-For-Children project.


We regularly distribute clothing to the children. In most cases this happens when the kids come and visit the project coordinators, after first having taken a shower. Each child receives a new set of clothes once or twice a year. New underwear is issued several times a year. In addition to the clothing that is sent from the Netherlands, we also buy clothing locally. The shipping costs of the parcels of clothing and buying new clothes are also covered by the Hope-For-Children project.

Reading corners

In 2015 we started a couple of reading comers, both in the home of our project leaders and in a few classrooms. We invest in the purchase of good quality children's books. The children involved in our programs love reading books. There was already a selection of books at our project leaders’ home, but they were worn off and outdated. So we have started buying new, colorful books. The children love them! They sometimes only pay a visit in order to read a book. This first reading corner became so popular, that we decided to create reading corners in the Study Support Centres too. If the child has finished its homework, it can read a book. To keep the reading corners attractive, we need a good and varied selection of books for the children.

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