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Welcome to the website of ‘PanBi Foundation, for those who are in need ‘

The purpose of PanBi Foundation is to provide financial, material and personal assistance to underprivileged children and to people living in the minority communities in South-East Asia. To achieve this goal two projects were set up: the Hope-For-Children project (HFC) and the Families-In-Need project (FIN) .

Local people and local resources are deployed to achieve goals. Personal contacts have always formed the basis of the work. PanBi Foundation wants to keep working on a small-scale. This allows donations to be fully spent at the place of destination.

News of the Hope-For-Children Project

In 2016, 580 children took part in one of the programs of our foundation. Their participation consisted of education in a morning class or attending the after-school homework assistance at a Study Support Centre. The child, however, also takes part when it comes for a new schoolbag, gets a photo album of itself or when it comes to our apartment for weekend care. 

Families-In-Need project

In recent times we have been able to help several families improve their housing with the Families-In-Need project. One family are going to build the house themselves and it will offer a simple shelter to the family. >>>

Kangaroo Activity Center

For the children from the Rehoboth families, we have recently opened the Kangaroo Activity Center. The location of this center is in a traditional Chinese working-class district. There is no traffic in this residential area. >>>

Rehoboth families

The Chinese prosperity reaches more and more residents of this country. However, there is still a large group of people for whom a definite improvement in their living conditions is still far beyond the horizon. >>>

The story of Yimee

Yimee is the oldest daughter in a family with several children. Her father earns a living with the sale of merchandise on the market. In 2007, we got to know her because she came to the Rehoboth School. She then realized that her life was futureless, despite her education at the Rehoboth school. >>>

Dear foreign uncle and aunt

Hi, I’m Yimee. I’ve a lot to say, but don’t know where to start.
What I mostly want to say is to thank you. 


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