How it started

In 1992 a Dutch man called Robbie, paid a three-month visit to China for the first time. During his stay he was struck by the fate of underprivileged children. Because of the one-child policy many children were abandoned in those years. When he had the opportunity to take a look in a State orphanage as one of the first Westerners, he was deeply affected by the living conditions of these foundlings: unkempt, sick, without love, attention, and medical care. There grew a desire in his heart to somehow mean something to these children.

A year later, he left for China again, this time for a permanent stay and he started contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of these children. Relief supplies were shipped from The Netherlands and loving employees were appointed to look after the children. Various children underwent a life-saving operation.

After his marriage to Priscilla, his Chinese wife, they together set their shoulders to the wheel, and they started a team of Chinese employees. When the work gradually extended, ‘PanBi Foundation, for those who are in need‘ was founded in 1999

PanBi Foundation

For those who are in need


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