Hope For Children

Hope-For-Children (HVK)

In the Hope-For-Children project PanBi Foundation focuses on underprivileged children. These children have no parents anymore, they were abandoned or they were never officially registered, because of the one-child policy. These are children with no official name, which seriously restricts them in their development. PanBi Foundation strives to improve the conditions of these children through personal care, clothing, food, medical care, education, homework help, help with birth registration, personal assistance and attention.

Robert and Priscilla and their team take care of these kids, they list their specific needs and try to respond to the needs of each individual child. Where possible, the parents of the child are visited and they are involved in the relief program for their child. Many children come from families in which the parents are illiterate. PanBi Foundation helps these parents with the official registration of their child, giving it access to State education. Because these children often have an educational gap, PanBi Foundation has set up a number of Study-Support-Centres  Here, children are taken care of and offered help with their homework after school hours. Further, the focus is on clothing, hygiene and nutrition. There are also possibilities for developing practical skills, such as working with the computer and sewing. For some children medical treatment is necessary. Over the years dozens of children, have undergone several operations, which significantly improved their quality of life and they were given hope of a better future.

All costs for the above goals are financed from the Hope-For-Children project. On the page Saving Projects you can read what kinds of things can be done with your donations. Also the salaries for the staff team are funded from this project, because the staff members directly and practically contribute to the development of this forgotten group of children.


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