Families In Need

Families In Need (FIN)

In the Families-In-Need project PanBi Foundation focuses very specifically on assistance to families in ethnic minority groups. In these families poverty is very common and people often live under difficult circumstances: they live in primitive shelters, there is often no running water, there is hardly any electricity and the infrastructure in the remote mountain villages often leaves a lot to be desired. PanBi Foundation strives to provide for the needs of these people.

From the FIN project help has been offered in the renovation of apartments and houses, cattle has been purchased, financial means have been provided for housing, medical care has been given, some village schools have been built and a remote area has been opened up by the construction of a bridge. The assistance of the Families-In-Need project focuses in particular on the mountain areas in the Chinese Yunnan province. In this context specific savings projects are set up from time to time to meet specific needs for help.


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